Construction Defects

Construction defect accidents occur when a person is injured or killed as a result of a defect in a building or other structure.

  • Poor design

  • Faulty workmanship

  • Use of substandard materials

  • Failure to follow building codes

  • Aging structures

  • Failure to properly maintain and/or repair a building

Causes of Construction Defect Accidents
Construction Defects
Examples of construction defect accidents include:
  • Roof collapses

  • Floor collapses

  • Balcony collapses

  • Stairway collapses

  • Faulty electrical wiring

  • Leaking gas lines

  • Defective appliances

  • Exposed nails or screws

  • Trip hazards

If you have been injured in a construction defect accident, you may have a legal claim against the builder, contractor, architect, engineer, or other party responsible for the defect, if:

  • The defendant owed you a duty of care.

  • The defendant breached that duty of care by failing to construct, maintain, or repair the building or structure in a safe and workmanlike manner.

  • The breach of duty caused your injury.

  • You suffered damages as a result of your injury.

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