Worker's Compensation

Worker's compensation accidents are injuries or illnesses that occur while an employee is on the job or as a result of their job.

Worker's compensation is a type of insurance that provides benefits to employees who are injured or become ill on the job.

It is a no-fault system, meaning that employees do not have to prove that their employer was negligent in order to receive benefits. However, employers may be able to dispute a worker's compensation claim if they can prove that the employee was intoxicated or engaged in willful misconduct at the time of the accident.

  • Machinery or equipment malfunctions

  • Slips and falls

  • Lifting heavy objects

  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals or fumes

  • Falls from heights

  • Repetitive strain injuries

  • Car accidents while on the job

Causes of Worker's Compensation Accidents
Worker's Compensation

If you have been injured while on the job, or as a result of your job, you may be able to collect compensation for:

  • Medical expenses

  • Lost wages

  • Disability benefits

  • Death benefits

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If you have been injured when on the job or as a result of your job, you should notify your employer immediately, seek medical attention right away, and contact our offices to start your consultation.